Help us to support the server

First of all: thanks for your interest.

OMG! BC2 server OldMenGaming - Harvest Day 24/7 - 1000 has been saved and supported during the last 2 years with the great help from usual server gamers (maybe like you) doing their donations.

Know the sponsors in previous semiannual (semester) periods 2016 [ 2nd & 1st ] and 2015 [ 2nd & 1st ].
One Year Anniversary

Now, we have one more time a ... target: save & support server..

In the upper right corner you have the countdown of the days / time remaining ...or the date that actually will server be available. But, don't relax brother. Don't lower your guard, we are counting on you.

The BC2 server OldMenGaming - Harvest Day 24/7 - 1000 must be renewed next 5th January of 2017 ...if we collect one more time the amount to renewal server. Otherwise, refund will done with amounts received. Please, don't wait to last week, better if donations are done before 30th December.

Thanks in advance for your confidence doing your donation to help keep alive the server. We sincerely appreciate very much your generosity and solidarity. I hope to see all you agaim in 2017 playing in server :-)

How you can help us and get a VIP slot in server?
    Very easy, making a donation via Paypal.
    Amounts suggested to donate are small.
    You can do each month or anytime you want and...

Identity VIP Slots: Available only 15 VIP slots.
Check here if they are free VIP slots availabe actually and donations done for VIP Slots.

What should you do?
    1.- Sign up in

    2.-Then add the server OldMenGaming - Harvest Day 24/7 - 1000 as your favorite server. You can see the alias users playing list actually and the players rank. Read here this guide if you need help.

    3.- Add me as a friend. My alias is Bizko :-)

    If you need help with gametracker, ask me in game by chat.

    ...with your intentions, you can:
    • Send me a private message using gametracker
    • Contact me during a game using chat

Please, be free to let me know any question or sugestion.
Any help, will be apreciate. Thanks in advance.
Happy Christmas my friends!