Gametracker Users.

Since the past April 10, 2015 server has been moved and the IP has been changed. As a result of this change, all stats users has been lost and gamers listed in Gametracker [GT] server has lost they tag profile.

The old server OldMenGaming page info in Gametracker [ IP: ] with info about players ranked with his tag profile will not be updated because IP has changed. And it is like the server was dead...

...But the server still alive with new IP, and you can see the new info server OldMenGaming page info in Gametracker [ IP : ] .

If you are registered in GT, please, i suggest to update your info as soon as possible.

Remember that in GT you have your account with a GT user/alias and it can be diferent than your alias BC2 user used to play in BC2 server.
    1.- Log into Gametracker with your GT user and password.

    2.- In the same window where you has just log in in GT...
    copy & paste this link in your browser

    You will see a server summary with this info:
      Name: OldMenGaming - Harvest Day 24/7 - 1000
      Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2
      Address: Port: 19567 Status: Alive
      Server Manager: thebiznes

    3.- In the second options bar, press the "Favorite" option to add this Server in your favorite servers list in GT.

    4.- Scroll down the server OldMenGaming page info in GT and take a look... There is a first table with "Online players", and a second table with the "Top 10 Players (online & Offline) ...and a "View all players & Stats" option, press it.

    5.- The new page will show you the GT search engine to find your alias used in server. Write your alias in the box near the option "Search for a player" and press it.

    6.- In the results list, if your alias has a Profile tag in green you dont need to do anything more... but if you only see your alias without it, you will need to link it to your user in GT. Let's do it. Press your alias player.

    7.- In the new page you will see info alias in GT, in the corner where space is available for avatar labeled with "Player profile" you must press the option "Click here to link this player to your profile".

OMG :-) Its done! when users will see your alias listed in players online & offline they will know that you are register in GT and can add you as friend with a request.

My english is not so good that i would like or need sometimes, but i hope you understood me.